Small Biz IT

Most virus and malware drama can be avoided by one simple change.

Millions of Small Businesses are at risk of losing business day work time because of computer virus or malware infections. The good news is that one simple change can dramatically reduce this risk.

Each Internet connected Small Business uses an Internet Service called Domain Name System, DNS. Nearly all of Small Businesses use the default DNS service provided by their Internet Provider. Unfortunately, the default DNS allows virus, malware and email phishing web links to continue to work. This one simple change, using a DNS service that filters virus and malware infected Internet sites, enables Small Businesses to avoid having to deal with infected computers in the first place.

How do you make this simple change? Here is a link to the free, no cost service by COMODO. Comodo is well respected, an authority on Internet security and offers a paid level of service which I recommend as well. An Internet search will show there are other free DNS options available, not all of them offer filtering for free or at all.

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